Eagle Group – New production factory – Opening Ceremony

We are pleased to announce that new production factory of Eagle Group is officially opened in Žepče, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Einar Myklebust , Mr. Pål Myklebust, Mr. Roy Moberg and Mr. Kent Moberg attended the opening.

Mr. Ivo Klarić, CEO of Eagle Technology d.o.o. welcomed the esteemed guests, together with key people of Eagle AS Subsidiaries.

On behalf of all employees of Eagle Technology d.o.o. we express our deepest gratitude to Norwegian owners and colleagues.

We are grateful for the opportunity and support in our work.

We express our deepest gratitude to our guest for visiting us. Thank you for making our celebration unforgettable.

Special thanks to Rena Quality Group AS, Therma Industri AS, Green Carbon AS, Ernex AS and Grimstål Produkter AS.

See details from opening ceremony in image gallery bellow.