New recruits at Eagle Technology Norway

Eagle Technology Norway has gotten two new recruits to our ranks during 2022. Our first recruit is a “local” lad from Moss, Thomas Larsen. Thomas is 28 years old with a bachelor’s degree as a mechanical engineer with various experience from land-based industry and oil and gas sector. Thomas have been in charge as project manager of large process deliveries and is familiar with global requirements and certifications which is needed to support our clients around the world. Thomas is also graduated as a metal worker and familiar with design and drawings as well. In total, a complete package of skills and personality, which will extend Eagle Technology’s capacity and services to the next level.

Our second recruit, Tobias Henrysson has already gotten strong ties to Halden from his previous poistion, but is originally from Sweden and lives in Gothenborg. Tobias is our new Design Manager. Tobias is a university engineer from Chalmers University of Technology and has 8 years’ experience as a project engineer in both design, documentation and production of large process plants. He comes from a position in Teknotherm as a project & design engineer and has long and relevant experience in designing, project management of large process deliveries related to the offshore industry. Tobias will be an important employee in our further development, both when it comes to supporting sales in our various focus areas, as well as contributing to our ability to manage and deliver high end products to our clients. Tobias will complement and expand the capacity and quality of our already strong sales and delivery team and we look forward to offering competitive solutions and services to an ever-increasing number of customers with Tobias on the team.

We are extremely happy to have these two on board and they have already proven to be important contributors to servering our customers at the highest standards.

Thomas Larsen: / + 47 907 17 831
Tobias Henrysson: / +46 705 228 742

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