Successful test of pre-treatment system at Rokke

Earlier this week Eagle Technology and Rena Quality Group conducted a sucessful first test of our newly developed pre-treatment system at Rokke waste handling facility. The pre-treatment system is specially designed for our new range of WastX P2 Plastic recycling unit. The system shreddes and dries the plastic into tiny fractions, which makes it ideal for processing through the reactor in the WastX unit at a later stage.  The system has a processsing capacity of 600 kg/hour and a buffer tank which can feed the WastX system for 3 days without any manpower needed. See videos below for the plant in operation and processed feed.

For more information or enquiries about this system, please contact:

Jan Christer Svaasand, Senior Design / Techincal Engineer at Rena Quality Group AS / +47 994 42 915