Industry Light Ammonia

High quality cooling/heating unit with ammonia filling.
Standardized as types:



  • Supplied with small NH3 filling, but can also be delivered as an option with extra small filling
  • High efficiency, both for cooling and heating
  • Condenser and filled evaporator with “plate in shell” design, dimensioned for small temperature differences, for minimum energy consumption
  • Automatic oil return ensures easy operation and minimal follow-up.
  • The well-known TEKNO + TRONIC® control with Norwegian text as standard.
  • Supplied with or without enclosure.
  • Usage of  stainless steel pipes as standard.
  • Evaporator and suction pipe are insulated with foam and aluminum sheath to keep the unit’s efficiency throughout its lifetime.
  • Speed control with frequency converter
  • Complete internal circuit with circulation pump for oil