Team building event for Eagle Technology Vietnam

Last weekend, Eagle Technology Vietnam, went on a study trip combined with a team-building event in Vung Tau. The purpose of this gathering was to foster stronger connections among our members and prepare for the journey ahead.

Our Vietnam office has had a remarkable quick growth since its inception, and we now have a talented and dedicated team of 12 full-time staff members, complemented by an external engineering group comprising 16 individuals. This puts us in a unique position to handle bigger and more demanding projects.

We are extremely pleased with how swiftly our employees have acclimated and seamlessly integrated into the Eagle Group, showcasing their skills and expertise. The positive outcomes of our efforts are evident, as we have been successful in securing substantial orders and maintaining a high utilization degree at our Vietnam office.

As we look to the future, our sights are set on building an organization that is not only robust and accomplished but also adaptable and forward-thinking in close collaboration with our Norwegian and Bosnian department.