Víxla – Transforming Plastic Waste the Norse way

[Halden, 24th of January 2024] – Eagle Technology proudly announces the global launch of Víxla, a cutting-edge chemical recycling system designed to transform plastic waste into high-quality energy. This landmark unveiling takes place at the EXPO360 Bio environmental technology fair in Nantes, marking an important milestone in the battle against the worldwide plastic waste crisis and Eagle Technology.

Simen Moberg, Sales and Marketing Director for Víxla at Eagle Technology, states, “After several years of dedicated efforts, we are thrilled to introduce our unique recycling system that addresses the global plastic waste challenge. The launch aligns perfectly with our commitment to the green shift and offers a sustainable solution to the plastic waste problem.”

Víxla’s innovative system allows for decentralized processing of plastic waste, eliminating the need for transportation to large, centralized factories. This approach not only offers economic advantages but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of plastic waste. The product has gained immense interest globally, reflecting the urgent need for effective and sustainable plastic waste management solutions.

As a Norwegian company with a global vision, Víxla represents transformation, a term derived from the Norse language. Simen Moberg emphasizes, “Our vision is to transform waste into value, and Víxla embodies this commitment and our Norwegian roots.”

The containerized Víxla system is scalable to meet varying local needs, providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution that covers pre-treatment, processing, storage, and the sale of the final product. Built on proven pyrolysis technology from the offshore industry, Víxla draws from Eagle Technology’s extensive experience as a supplier of environmental technology solutions.

Rigorous testing and modifications at our facility in Bosnia throughout the second half of 2023 have culminated in the readiness to deliver the first generation of the Víxla system. The initial delivery, already in place in England, is scheduled for installation and trial operation in February/March 2024.

To ensure a seamless transition to series production, Eagle Technology plans to deliver only six complete system solutions in 2024. Each delivery, valued between 15 – 20 MNOK, has been pre-sold to various European customers, with pending orders for South America and the East.

Simen Moberg explains, “We aim to accumulate a few months of operating experience before moving into series production, ensuring the highest quality and reliability for our customers.”

Eagle Technology will collaborate with multiple partners to scale the product globally, utilizing subcontractors for production and installation worldwide. A strategic partnership with Halden Municipality includes the establishment of a demo and training center for the Víxla system at Rokke recycling and waste facility in Halden, Norway.

Moberg notes, “This collaboration provides significant synergies, competence building and job creation locally, and ultimately contributing to a circular economy.”

The demo facility, scheduled to be operational over the summer, will serve as a valuable resource for customers and operational personnel worldwide. Furthermore, it offers an excellent opportunity for the local business community to thrive, creating value and increased activity locally, which is our goal with the Vixla system.

Click here for a complete description of the Víxla System.

For further information, please contact:

Simen Moberg

Sales and Marketing Director, Víxla

Eagle Technology AS

Phone: +47 478 520 04| simen@eagle.no