Merger between Rena Quality Group AS and Eagle Technology AS

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the merger between Rena Quality Group AS and Eagle Technology AS. As part of the merger process Rena Quality Group AS will change name to Eagle Technology AS.

The business address for the merged company will be in Stavanger, but business at the branch offices in Halden, Bosnia and Vietnam will continue as before.

We will continue developing and delivering environmental technology such as our produced water treatment systems, slop water treatment systems, drilling cuttings treatment, etc. The merger will greatly enhance our engineering capacity, enabling us to deliver customized solutions, improve services, and effectively engage with both new and existing customers.

In the past, we have achieved success in providing engineering services and fabrication in accordance with customer specification, and this part of our business will continue and be further developed after the merger through increased capacity and delivery capabilities across multiple disciplines.

Our subsidiaries in Bosnia and Vietnam provides us with the opportunity to offer engineering and fabrication in state-of-the-art facilities to highly competitive terms and quality.

Eagle AS, the parent company, has over four decades of experience in the maritime, offshore, and land-based industry as an industrial and investment company. Through the synergy of joint management, financial resources, sales- and project environments, we have created a robust organization that enable us to provide our customers with a unique set up of expertise and delivery capabilities, says CEO, Roy Moberg.

By leveraging Rena Quality Group’s unique process and system expertise alongside Eagle Technology’s efficient value chain for sales, engineering, and fabrication, our goal is to be a significant player in our segments towards the green transition. This merger positions us as a company with innovation capabilities across a wide product portfolio and exceptional delivery capabilities globally.

Furthermore, we are excited to release to market our proprietary technology that converts plastic to oil as well as our fish protein isolate system. With an expanded portfolio of solutions, the company is well positioned to address the increasing demand for advanced engineering services in an ever-changing global landscape.

With approximately 180 employees across 7 companies, 11 locations, and 4 continents, the merged company prioritizes collaboration across business entities. Considerable investments in technology and internal processes enable us to efficiently provide solutions and support our customers and deliveries worldwide.

For further information please contact:

Roy Moberg                                                  Pål Vidar Stokvik   

CEO                                                               CCO

+47 906 49 339                                             +47 413 04 7 60                                      

1st of June 2023