Expansion in Vietnam

Update from Eagle Technology Vietnam!

Last Friday, the company marked off another milestone by signing an agreement to lease new 100 m2 office space in Becamex Tower, just 40 minutes north of Ho Chi Minh City. Since its inception earlier this year, ETV has hit the ground running, and this expansion is another example of how quickly our Vietnam offices has adapted and delivered.

Eagle Technology AS and its subsidiaries have experienced robust growth and development over the past year, which has created a strong demand for more talented professionals across all departments. Vietnam, a key player in the company’s expansion strategy, is now set to witness a significant boost in its workforce.

Currently, Eagle Technology Vietnam boasts a team of 11 dedicated employees. However, with the latest expansion, the company has set a goal of increasing its workforce to 25-30 employees by the end of Q1 2024. This move not only demonstrates Eagle Technology’s commitment to its Vietnam operations but also reflects its dedication to fostering a thriving work environment.

The new office premises will be thoughtfully designed, boasting modern meeting rooms, guest offices, and office spaces adhering to the highest Norwegian standards. Not to mention, the location offers a breathtaking view of the northern part of Ho Chi Minh City, providing a truly inspiring and motivating work setting for the team.

As Eagle Technology Vietnam continues to evolve, this expansion signals a positive step forward in the company’s mission to deliver exceptional technology solutions and services to its clients worldwide. The increased capacity and upgraded facilities will undoubtedly enable the team to deliver even greater value to customers and further solidify Eagle Technology’s position as a global leader in the industry.