Eagle Technology secures Area Engineering contract with Carbon Circle AS for Pioneer Offshore Carbon Capture on FPSO Agogo

Eagle Technology AS has secured a central role in a ground-breaking initiative together with Carbon Circle AS. This initiative marks a significant step towards a greener future, as Carbon Circle AS has been entrusted with an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract by YINSON PRODUCTION (YP). The contract involves the establishment and integration of a post-combustion carbon capture unit on a floating offshore Oil & Gas (O&G) installation.

The carbon capture unit will be installed on Yinson’s newly awarded FPSO Agogo, which will start operations in 2025 for the Agogo Integrated West Hub Development Project in Angola, under the auspices of Eni Angola S.p.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Azule Energy. Azule Energy stands as Angola’s leading independent oil and gas producer, formed through a joint venture between BP p.l.c. and Eni S.p.A.

The delivery of the carbon capture unit is scheduled for Q3 2024. Functionally, this unit will engage in the partial capture of CO2 emissions from the exhaust of a gas turbine, employing an amine-based capture process.

Eagle Technology AS has been entrusted with an important role in this venture. The scope of their involvement includes Area Engineering, Site Management and Fabrication

Eagle Technology Vietnam, a subsidiary of Eagle Technology AS, is an integral part of this venture, and functions as a subcontractor under the auspices of Carbon Circle AS.

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