Presenting the Eagle WASTX Plastic

The Technology

We at Eagle Technology are proud to announce a significant milestone that underlines our commitment to innovation and a cleaner future – the official presentation of our newest addition to our portfolio: the Eagle WASTX Plastic.

Through a high-temperature pyrolysis process conducted in the absence of oxygen, the WASTX Plastic breaks down plastic materials, transforming them into a valuable source of energy with minimal environmental impact. One of the key advantages, and what differs our solution to other similar solutions on the market, is our modular design where we bring the solution to where to plastic problem originates. This has an immense impact on the total environmental footprint as we aim minimize transport and emissions.

We have years of experience and expertise when it comes to pyrolysis technology and waste handling in the offshore sector. Although this has been a profitable business for the company for years, we’ve realized that the time had come to look at more sustainable sectors which aligns more with our vision “Clean Future is our Business”. And for that reason, we have, for the past half decade examined how we could bring our expertise and know-how into the plastic recycling industry. We have leveraged and drawn upon our insights from our already operational ITDU plant at our facility at Averøya in Norway. The ITDU uses pyrolysis technology to convert drill cuttings into recycled oil, and this has been our baseline for developing the WASTX technology.


The concept of a modular containerized plastic recycling system stems from our German partner, Biofabrik, and this was the ultimate starting point for the WASTX solution we now proudly present to you. Back in 2021 we entered into a co-operation, and when we combined their insights and knowledge from the plastic industry accumulated over several years, together with our engineering and R&D expertise we had a solid foundation to build upon.

The team responsible for our successful ITDU project transitioned into a dedicated work group with a singular goal: bringing the WASTX Plastic from concept to reality. The following months were invested in detailed planning, documentation, and design throughout the fall of 2022. Production drawings and all related documentation was completed in January, and we commenced production at our facility in Bosnia in February. Our dedicated team of engineers and production staff led by our CTO, Ørjan Samuelsen, and R&D Manager Jan Christer Svaasand did a tremendous job – working day and night to ensure we had a functional, state-of-the-art machinery in record time.

FAT and Official Reception for the Ambassador and Partners  

In July we conducted a successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the Eagle WASTX Plastic. Together with Biofabrik we hosted our first joint-demo week together, and we are proud to say it could not have gone better. Both teams, as well as customers and partners from all around the world were astonished by what we had achieved in such short amount of time. Our visitors got to see firsthand how the WASTX unit converted plastic waste into valuable recyclable oil.

Later in September we had the honor of hosting a reception for the Norwegian Ambassador in BiH, Mr. Olav Reinertsen, partners from Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Germany as well as potential clients from Slovakia, and Serbia. During the reception we held a presentation of Eagle Group, elaborated around the storyline of our factory in Zepce BiH, and did a demonstration of the WASTX Plastic.

“I’m truly proud of what we have been able to achieve here in Bosnia so far. The journey began back in 2014 when Ivo Klaric, CEO of Eagle Technology Bosnia, decided to move back home. And when you look at how far we have come from a board decision in 2017 where we decided to build our own factory, until the opening in 2019 to where we are now is truly a remarkable achievement. Especially when you look at our scaling capabilities and the quality, we now have in our set up. Our premises are high-end, the local management is fantastic, and our entire staff is efficient, skilled, and well-motivated. It has been an amazing week and it is a great honor to host the Ambassador and upcoming partners to witness and approve of what we have achieved”, says CEO Mr. Roy Moberg.

During the week we have received a lot of positive feedback about our new plastic recycling technology, WASTX Plastic. This unique patented technology will put us in the lead when it comes to design and engineering of efficient pyrolysis technology for chemical recycling of plastic. The interest from the market has been amazing and we are looking forward to the next steps, where we will go global commercially.

The Norwegian Ambassador in BiH, Mr. Olav Reinertsen, also had his take on Eagle and the WASTX. “I am absolutely delighted to once again visit Eagle Technology here in Zepce and to see how they develop and their cutting-edge technology that soon will be available for the global market. It’s fantastic for both Norway and Bosnia to see that it is possible to grow their businesses here in Bosnia. With Eagle, we have a company in BiH that develops and produce cutting-edge-sustainable technology.

“I want to say that I am extremely impressed with what I have seen this week. I’ve not been here since the opening ceremony in 2019 and it’s a shame, but it has been a pandemic in between. What I’m now seeing here now is just incredible. Some many skilled people, exciting projects, and I’m truly in awe of what the organization has been able to do the last couple of years. We first started thinking about production of the WASTX last October  and to now be here with guests and partners seeing the unit in operations – considering what we have done in such short amount of time is fantastic to witness as an owner. Congrats to all employees in ET and the whole organization”, says COB of Eagle Technology, Mr. Pål Myklebust.