Renate Dysvik Seime appointed as new CEO in Eagle Enviro

Eagle Technology’s subsidiary, Eagle Enviro, has recently appointed, Renate Dysvik Seime as Chief Executive Officer. Renate, a seasoned bioengineer, brings a wealth of expertise to this pivotal role.

Eagle Enviro is at the forefront of pioneering technology that transforms seafood industry waste into premium-quality fish proteins. The game-changing initiative, known as the FPI project (Fish Protein Insulate), is currently in full swing. We’ve set up a cutting-edge, container-based mobile test station just outside Tananger in Stavanger, where various raw materials from our valued customers are undergoing rigorous testing.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular, with a series of highly successful tests already this year. The buzz around our groundbreaking technology has been steadily growing, with increased interest from both our clients and research partners.

Now, we’re embarking on a new phase of the project. We’re eager to conduct more tests on our customers’ specific raw materials, paving the way for tailored technical solutions and expert guidance on commercial plant implementations.

Renate’s appointment as CEO marks a significant milestone for Eagle Enviro. Renate’s extensive background and deep-rooted passion for sustainability make her the perfect fit for this role. Notably, Renate will be taking on this position while continuing her current role as COO at Eagle Technology in Stavanger, demonstrating her dedication to driving innovation.

Let’s hear from Renate herself:

🗨️ Quote #1 from Renate Dysvik Seime: “I’m thrilled to be involved in this exciting endeavor, where we aim to transform waste from the fish industry into food-grade products suitable for human consumption. Protein and food sources are scarce in numerous regions across the globe. With our technology, we hope to make a significant contribution by efficiently converting waste into nutritious proteins, thereby improving the utilization of valuable resources.”

🗨️ Quote #2 from Renate Dysvik Seime: “Having spent 14 years in the oil sector, I am now thrilled to put my education to use in a different field. It’s an exhilarating transition, moving away from drilling fluids and oils and embracing cutting-edge technology. My focus now lies in transforming waste from the fish industry into food-grade products that are safe and suitable for human consumption. It’s a remarkable opportunity to apply my knowledge in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

Eagle Enviro is poised for a bright future under Renate’s leadership, as we continue our mission to revolutionize the seafood industry and promote a more sustainable, nourished planet. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to transform waste into wealth!