Simen Moberg hired as Sales and Marketing Director for our new business area, VÍXLA.

Eagle Technology is thrilled to introduce Simen Moberg as our new Sales and Marketing Director for the innovative Víxla system.

For several years, we’ve been dedicated to pioneering a cutting-edge plastic recycling technology. This groundbreaking technology, driven by pyrolysis innovation, has undergone rigorous testing and demonstrations over recent months, and we’re excited to announce that it’s now primed for its grand debut in the market.

Simen, holding a master’s degree in Finance, has been involved in our plastic technology for the past year while handling various other responsibilities within the company and the Eagle Group. His professional, independent, and proactive approach has already forged numerous valuable connections in the rapidly expanding global market. We’re proud to share that our first contracts have been inked, with deliveries scheduled for March and April next year.

Simen’s mandate encompasses the creation of an international distribution and sales network for our cutting-edge technology, aptly named Víxla. With a multitude of inquiries and opportunities flooding the market, our focus extends beyond marketing and selling integrated plant solutions to distributors and end customers. Simen and our team will also play a pivotal role in offering guidance, assisting clients in selecting technically integrated solutions, and constructing sustainable and profitable business cases.

While our plastic technology currently operates as a distinct business area within Eagle Technology, the future holds potential for it to evolve into a separate subsidiary.

“I find it very rewarding to have the opportunity to work within the circular industry with technology that can contribute to making the world a cleaner and better place. I’m convinced that we have developed a unique technology and the groundwork has already been laid in developing a solid business cases for our customers. I’m super excited to bring this technology out on a global scale togehter with our customers and partners. We are only in the starting pit of something that could become really big and I am looking forward to taking on the task together with  my team”, says Simen.