Eagle Technology AS and G4 Consortium Unveil Strategic Partnership for Global Plastic Recycling Innovation

Eagle Technology AS and G4 Consortium Unveil Strategic Partnership for Global Plastic Recycling Innovation

Oslo, 12.12.2023

Eagle Technology AS, a Norwegian provider of sustainable systems and solutions, is proud to announce our partnership with the G4 consortium. The G4 is comprised of four companies, across two continents and ten countries, and has joined forces with Eagle Technology to disrupt the recycling business for plastic waste.

The recently finalized partnership agreement cements the collaboration for the sale, distribution, and deployment of Eagle Technology’s cutting-edge recycling technology. This strategic partnership lays the groundwork for a significant investment in comprehensive plant solutions, addressing global challenges associated with sorting and processing plastic waste.

Roy Moberg, CEO of Eagle Technology, underscores the strategic importance of the partnership, emphasizing, “The agreement ensures sales and distribution in many of our most crucial investment areas in Europe and includes countries in Africa with great potential for the future.”

After over a year of intensive development, Eagle Technology successfully showcased its innovative plastic recycling technology at a demo plant in Bosnia. Following promising results, the technology is now ready for commercial launch. The partnership with G4 initially involves the delivery of four machines strategically placed across Europe.

QM Recycled Energy, holding sales and distribution rights in the UK, has already completed the first commercial delivery, marking a significant milestone in this transformative collaboration. Leveraging its extensive experience in operating pyrolysis machines for plastic recycling, QMRE’s site is a perfect place to set up Eagle’s first commercial site where joint learning and further development with the aim for increased efficiency, self-sustainability, and near net-zero carbon emissions.

QMRE’s CEO, Tim StClair-Pearce, comments on the collaboration, stating, “Eagle’s pyrolysis technology, coupled with QMRE’s operating experience, will result in a successful rollout of plastic waste conversion systems across many countries, benefiting the environment immensely.”

The partnership includes close cooperation in installation and operation, with plans to showcase a revolutionary concept for global plastic waste recycling in the coming months. The output from the plant produces oil, which can be refined into new plastic products or used as green energy, aligning with EU recycling requirements.

The first plant, already built and tested, is set to be delivered from Eagle Technology’s Bosnia facility to the UK in early January 2024. The UK installation phase will commence upon delivery, with operations and subsequently demo viewings expected to start in Spring 2024.

Partner Agreement Coverage:

  • QM Recycled Energy: UK & Ireland
  • Plast 2 Circular: Spain & Portugal
  • CosaREC: Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland & France
  • Blue Cycle: Nigeria & South Africa

About Eagle Technology AS
Eagle Technology is a provider of environmentally friendly and sustainable technology systems and solutions, committed to a cleaner future. Our innovative portfolio includes technologies for water treatment, pyrolysis for drilling cuttings, and plastic recycling, with expertise in fabrication for offshore installations.

About G4 Consortium
The G4 group, comprising BlueCycle, CosaREC, Plast 2 Circular, and QM Recycled Energy, collaborates with Eagle Technology, combining technical, engineering, sales, and marketing expertise to successfully bring to market the plastic waste to oil pyrolysis units, designed and manufactured by Eagle.

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