Fish Protein Isolate (FPI) – Pilot Unit

  • Our customer: Eagle Enviro AS
  • Description: Prototype unit for food processing – Fish Protein Isolate
    – 30ft isolated container
    – Hygienic design
  • Eagle Technology designed and constructed the Fish Protein Isolate (FPI) for our subsidiary Eagle Enviro. This project was a prototype unit and it is currently in trial stages in Tanager, Norway where different kinds of residue from the fish industry are being processed.

Project Manager: Domagoj Lozančić

The FPI®  process and its advantages: 

  • The FPI® process is a sequential molecular-separating membrane technology with emphasis on UF (Ultrafiltration) and NF (Nanofiltration) for industrial use.  More yield, less waste and CO2.
  • Creates sustainable products with higher quality and longer storage stability.
  • The process takes advantage of membrane technology by releasing target molecules through a membrane with very little energy consumption by with an electric pump. This is a much more energy efficient method than many other similar technologies, such as evaporators, which are often diesel-powered or even coal. Membrane technology uses “cross-flow” and not “dead-end” filtration, which provides a more precise and energy-friendly (also climate-friendly since fish processing plants often use fossil fuels) separation of molecules.
  • One of the technology’s positive effects is that it is used to separate proteins and oil residues in UF steps. UF steps is followed by NF steps which separate salt water and other small unwanted components. In addition, the FPI® process provides better storage stability for products (from eg. fish) without additives at room temperature. As a result, we get a much cleaner and more environmentally friendly FPI® product with longer shelf life.
  • Increased energy and greenhouse gas-friendly production and lower costs with higher product quality for customers
  • Increased sales opportunity for customer with finished product with increased functionality such as removal of salt / biogenic amines / fat / taste / smell
  • Concentrate with over 90% protein content that creates a high value product in the market

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